you know what i don’t see much of in the natural world? angels.

I was starting to wonder when the vacation part of my holiday was going to start, and then thankfully this morning I had about 4 hours to do absolutely nothing. No driving. No picking up gifts. No wrapping. So clearly I used said time to sleep, wouldn’t you?

I love going back to sleep mid morning. After driving the Boy to work, I came back had something to eat and then boom, out like a light. I typically don’t get any REM sleep during the night, which according to my doctors is one of the reasons why my body doesn’t heal that fast, or well. I’m constantly waking due to pain and this messes up my system and some of the medication they’ve put me on helps, but not very much. However, I find when I can, on weekends and such, or vacation such as this, going back to sleep mid morning is my best sleep ever. Absolute bliss, and crazy dreams. Ah, it’s the little things.

In other happenings, in case you’re in need of a laugh, as it is Monday and all…my friend Fearless passed this along to me, and it’s really worth a click. Enjoy!



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4 responses to “you know what i don’t see much of in the natural world? angels.

  1. f

    definitely my favorite “new” comic.

  2. He’s pretty great. Can’t wait for more stuff. Thanks so much for passing the clip along!

  3. That was pretty funny, although it was kinda weird how South Park now seems prescient for depicting Satan as gay.

    Glad you are tackling your sleep debt! May you have many more mid morning naps!

  4. I never thought of that, but that is true.

    Catching up on my sleep debt am I ever. Glorious sleep in today, hopefully the same for tomorrow. Oh happy days. ;)

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