the dog days are over

If you missed my top 25 songs of the year, you probably missed me talking about Florence and the Machine. Who also get my handclap album of the year award, which I just invented now, so be a dear and remind me of it next year. Thanks.

Just loading up the ipod for my mini road trip to Kingston this weekend. It’s only 2 hours from Toronto, so just enough to sink your teeth into a few good albums. Good thing there are a couple good ones floating about. What’s your favourite road trip CD?

Have a great weekend folks…I will see you on the flip side hopefully with many good stories.



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3 responses to “the dog days are over

  1. bloody awful poetry

    I adore that song, and I cannot wait for your proper albums of the year list =) Have a great -and safe- trip!

    And Lungs is a fabulous handclap album, although I tried clapping along to Girl With One Eye and it turned out to be an epic fail.

  2. A hand clap category is a definite must for annual consideration.

    One of my favourite road trip albums is NQ Arbuckle’s XOK. Every single song is a road tripper. Bring on the miles!

    Have a great time in Kingston!

  3. BAP: Well my song list is like my albums of the year, I don’t usually do one of those. Sorry to disappoint!

    I did, and thanks!

    Barb: I must remember this next year (I have a feeling I said the same thing last year ;)).

    Good choice! Thanks, Kingston was a blast. Completely knackered now though. Early night here, gearing up for the week!

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