i need a pig here!

The second official trailer for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is out.

The first week of March is shaping up to be grand already; BRMC concert, and this. Splendid times!



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6 responses to “i need a pig here!

  1. f

    Not gonna look, wanna be surprised and amazed all at once.

  2. Fair enough. It’s very short, and doesn’t give much away. I eagerly await the whole thing.

  3. Even just the still looks very Burtonesque. Should be promising.

  4. bloody awful poetry

    This looks fab! As much as I once loved the Disney version, I always found it way more disturbing than magical. I mean, seriously. Giant talking roses and a caterpillar on mushrooms. Plus all that talk of decapitation, and those baby oysters. Can’t wait to see this version.

  5. Barb: It really does. I’m really looking forward to it.

    BAP: Ha. Well I never found the Disney version one disturbing, the story is meant to be dark, and this one looks to have captured that. I did hate that oyster scene though.

  6. It’s not another version, it’s more like a sequel isn’t it?

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