i hate

Predictive text on mobiles is a funny thing, isn’t?

I’ve just recently had to reset my phone and lost my dictionary, so words that I corrected from T9 spelling have been lost, so as they come up I’m fixing them. It’s mostly names, and streets, etc. But today I typed “Raccoon” and it came up as “Scabmom.”


What’s the most outrageous word suggestion your mobile has ever given you?



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6 responses to “i hate

  1. ali

    I hate predictive text! I always have to scroll through “Body” “Anew” and “Coex” before getting to “Andy”. I get the first two, but Coex isn’t even a word…

  2. Ha ha ha! I’d had that happen to me a few times when trying to put in his name. Sometimes I give up and ask you ‘how’s the boy?’ which sometime still defaults to ‘how is any?’ Bah!

    Coex, scabmom…what is predictive text trying to say?

  3. f

    Goddamn Scabmoms crossing the motherhood picket line (insert fist shake here)!!!

  4. Ha! Reminds me that movies always defaults to mother. That got me into trouble once.

  5. Don’t hate me for feeling all smug that I don’t carry a phone.

  6. I don’t. ;) I don’t have a land line though, so makes sense I need a mobile.

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