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7 responses to “xkcd

  1. f

    XKCD is my 2nd favorite webcomic, Penny Arcade is my favorite because I’m that kind of nerd.

  2. XKCD makes long afternoons at the office more bearable. They always make me laugh. I left the tech support comic on the wall in my office in Smithers. ;) Penny Arcade is a good read, I haven’t read it in a while though. Now I have tomorrow’s procrastination all lined up!

  3. Those are great! Why don’t they put good comics like that in the newspapers, instead of that stupid BC or those other lame ones?

  4. f

    I can’t stand BC….

  5. Barb: I wish they would, but my guess is the masses wouldn’t get the smart humour. Most newspaper comics are lackluster reads.

    Fearless: I think we’re all in agreement there.

  6. haha… picks up where Dilbert or PearlsB4 leave off…

  7. yes, always pushing that line! :)

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