doctors orders

I’m starting to think I should listen to my doctor and move to a warmer climate. With my health condition, this cold dampness really messes with my system. As evidenced this morning when walking down the stairs at work and my knee and ankle joints just locked, shut down, and I hung to the banister to keep from falling. I descended down the rest of the stairs at a gingerly pace, only to be swept off my feet by the train rolling through and rocking the banister. This happens 6 or 7 times a day, but I’m usually upstairs, in my office and have gotten used to holding my computer screen down.

As I made my way to the kitchen, turning on the hot water tap to run my hands under the water to warm them – as there is no upstairs heating, and I have horrible circulation – I thought to myself:

a) I would have never survived as a pioneer


b) I think this place is trying to tell me something



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10 responses to “doctors orders

  1. f

    I will totally swap places with you, although I probably wouldn’t cut it doing your job.

  2. Some days, I’m not sure even I can. The coast will definitely give you the climate you are looking for though. With me, I can’t stand too much heat – I need to find a climate the exists between 20-23C (68-73F)… preferably with no humidity. Or, just buy a sauna and put it in my house. ;)

  3. ali

    Aw, I was just going to suggest some time in the sauna but you beat me to it!

    If that fails, maybe just a long relaxing holiday lying in a hammock in the heat. Doctor’s orders, of course! ;-)

  4. The doctor suggested that I purchase an infrared sauna. Apparently Costo sells them. ;)

    Ah, a holiday with a hammock. Reminds me of Spain…and the first time I ever saw you drink juice. ;)

  5. I’ve seen that staircase. It’s got a serious rise to it, and is not one I would ever want to tumble down.

    It actually sounds like Calgary would be the perfect climate for you.

  6. Thankfully it was only the last half, and surprisingly not my first time falling down it. On Thanksgiving, when the Boy was visiting, I was running down the stairs after work and missed a step, stumbled all the way down, and went flying into the wall.

    The Boy tells me it was hilarious to witness. ;)

    Stupid rise.

  7. kelly

    look in “buy and sell” for used infrared saunas , I seem to recall seeing some at one time, or maybe craigslist or that kind of thing

  8. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely look into that when I’ve saved up enough dosh for purchasing.

  9. There is something to it: dry, warm climates without snow are good for the lungs and the soul. There is no virtue in Canadian winters

  10. There certainly is not. The snow has just started and I’m already looking forward to spring. :)

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