It’s always nice to have a bit of encouragement from the local community when putting on an event, and knowing this column is read by many I hope it means we have more people come out this weekend to the museum. If not, I’ll defiantly have a case of the Mondays.

I don’t think I can count on the children from my street to be in attendance. I’m fairly certain they still think I’m evil, although they no longer scream when they see me coming now.

Perhaps if I lure them over with sugary treats. Oh wait…

Do you have a favourite fable, or story tale?



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2 responses to “fables

  1. That is exactly the kind of local publicity you need. I am sure that Winter Fables will be a resounding success, even without the scaredy cat kids on your street.

    I don’t really think I have a favourite fable. I’m more of an urban legend kinda girl.

  2. iduality

    Reads well, doesn’t. And my name is right this time. Guess I’ll have to change my business cards from Holmes ;)

    Well, it’s up to Mother Nature now. We’re expecting a lot of snow this weekend, which would shut down this city. So I really hope that doesn’t happen. It can do whatever it wants, just on Monday.

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