under the purple sky

I’ve spent some of my morning putting together holiday songs for an event the museum is hosting this weekend. Not only is it my first event, but it was my idea, and I’ve kind of put the thing together, so I’m hoping all goes well and that people show up.

As I was listening to the three hours plus of the Top 50 holiday tunes, I realized my two favourite holiday songs weren’t on the tracklisting (see below). This would have to change.

What are your favourite holiday tunes?



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5 responses to “under the purple sky

  1. f

    Fairytale Of New York is my fave. Sufjan Stevens has a ton of good ones, but my favorite by him is “Get Behind Me, Santa”.

  2. It’s a great tune. Yeah, I put some Sufjan on this mix. I believe “Get Behind Me, Santa” was on there!

  3. I have to admit to having a soft spot for a lot of traditional Christmas carols. But aside from those, Fairytale, of course, also John Prine’s Christmas in Prison>/i> and the Long Blondes’ Christmas is Cancelled rank up among my favourites.

  4. iduality

    I do have a soft spot for Silent Night. Not sure why, but it always makes me a little teary.

    Ah, the Long Blondes! So sad when they broke up. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll have to play that tonight.

  5. Fairy Tale of New York is a definite favourite of mine. I do like Christmas in Prison, but (and this is probably tantamount to heresy), I didn’t really appreciate it until I heard Emmy the Great’s version. I also quite like Matthew Ryan’s version of The Little Drummer Boy. Oh, and just about anything by the Blind Boys of Alabama.

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