looks like…

Perhaps because I’ve been so wrapped up in what’s been happening with the drama for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, I missed this story the first time around.  It’s amazing how it really does look like Lisa Simpson…

On her knees.

Gives new meaning to that pearl necklace, doesn’t?

What? Too much? ;)



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4 responses to “looks like…

  1. It’s the type of story that keeps us going through these long winter nights. Hard to believe they didn’t realize this.

  2. I know, I couldn’t believe it. As soon as you make that connection, it’s all you see. That logo will never be the same. Nor the pearls. ;)

  3. f

    I call Shenanigans! Lisa’s hair is way spikier than that.

  4. Ha! Well, perhaps because I saw one of the logos with different colours and such, the connection was easily made. ;)

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