getting lost in my own neighbourhood

I live a short distance from where I work. Long enough for me to hear a song and a half on the radio and catch the morning headlines. If I wasn’t required to have car for work, and getting between the two museums, I’d be walking. On the flip side, in my drive in as I descend further into the Fraser Valley to the basin, the fog just starts to roll in and as I pull into the parking lot I’m greeted by a similar image below (add in the log sort to the left of this photo), which is also the view from my office window.

There is something about the dead calm of fog that both reassures and unnerves me. It’s not that it’s the calm before the storm, as well, it’s always ‘storming’ here in winter, and to see this repeated weather each day it’s comforting in some way, so perhaps that is why I am reassured. To know that with all the change, I can rely on the fog in the morning to be that constant thing. The unnerving part comes when starring out that window too long, when the fog catches the gleam of the lamppost and you can feel the mist tease the hairs on the back of your neck even if you’re inside. And of course now that it’s dark by 4:oopm, it’s easy to get lost out there. In thoughts and fog…



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5 responses to “getting lost in my own neighbourhood

  1. I love fog. For me it remains a relatively rare occurrence, particularly here in the arid land, and it always makes me slightly giddy.

    In fact, the fog just rolled in here, first time this year. You must have conjured it up somehow.

  2. f

    There’s a sort of spooky comfort in fog, it’s like walking out into your past. We don’t get enough of it here.

  3. iduality

    Barb: I still love it, even though I see it most days. Huzzah! Sun just appeared here. Quite shocking really. Mysterious weather abounds!

    Fearless: Spooky comfort is a good way to describe it. I always like walking in it right around dusk, as though you can feel the weight of the weather or something. Yeah, the desert isn`t prime fog country.

  4. bloody awful poetry

    Fog is gorgeous. But the only fog we get here is really,well, smoke and haze and stuff. It’s been years since I’ve seen even the thinnest mist. Oh well. Yum, sulphur dioxide!

  5. Ah, well that’s a shame. Misty fog is the best. In my hometown we’d get the smoke and haze, so I feel your pain.

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