artificial heat almost killed this little guy

I wish I had control over the thermostat. My landlord pumps in the heat and its 10’C (50F) degrees out. Gimme a break, the heat does not need to be on. I had all the doors and windows opened today whilst baking and still the icing on this guy still was melting. He turned out okay though, even if I did run out of icing.

This was my first attempt at a 3D cake. Made with carrot cake, piped the body and sprinkled some coconut over top. Licorice for the broom, and cranberries for the eyes and mouth.

He needs a pipe though, eh? Totally has an “argh” look going on.



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10 responses to “artificial heat almost killed this little guy

  1. f

    Excellent work! He does look a little pissed off though, maybe it’s the heat that’s making him mad.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I ran out of icing while doing the top and I think the spacing of the cranberries of his mouth make him like a pirate snowman. ;) Taste good though.

  3. Mellowlee

    He looks very yummy and cute!

  4. Thanks, Mel. He is quite yummy. Although I’m not sure what to do with the rest of him, as it’s too much for me to eat.

  5. That is a fine 3D snowman cake! You have obviously got that down pat and I think next time you should go for a 4D cake.

    Love his hat!

  6. Thank-you, Barb. Ha! Perhaps so. I like his hat too. In fact in head was the first to go, as everything looked too good not to eat. ;)

  7. That is one tasty looking snowman – better than eating real snow as well. I am now an official fan of your 3D baked goods – I must learn your secrets, as my kids would be thrilled to eat a snow man cake over the holidays!

  8. Once you have the pan the rest is up to your imagination, and it’s quite fun. I bought this pan at HomeSense and they had lots of other varieties there – gingerbread man and santa, etc. A trip to bulk barn for candy decorations and then presto – cake!

  9. ali

    Very cute! He looks awfully tasty, too!

  10. Thanks! And he was. :)

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