vancouver sunny

It’s raining today.

No, I mean it’s really raining.

Sure it’s still sideways, like England rain, but less misty today with real winds. I smelled a thunderstorm on my way home from work, and got a little excited, but such things rarely pan out here on the coast. Weather like that is something reserved for Ontario summers.

It’s been raining everyday since Oct. 12th (Thanksgiving), except for a few hours on Monday, and the evening of Hallowe’en. I like watching the fog roll in along the Fraser River in the morning, and since I abandoned my umbrella for a hat life is much better. I mean, what’s the point in carrying around an umbrella when it rains every single day? Then there’s the umbrella street etiquette, and frankly, I just can’t be bothered. It’s funny how changing that one little thing makes everything a bit simpler.

What’s something you’ve changed recently that made life a little easier?



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7 responses to “vancouver sunny

  1. “Vancouver sunny” is officially my favourite take-home phrase from the great wet coast mini-break.

    Also, I learned about umbrella etiquette as well! I feel so learned now.

    I haven’t really made any life-easing changes, except perhaps for acknowledging that my brother won’t give two hoots how clean the house is when he arrives today. Actually that is kind of a big one…

  2. I should trademark it. ;)

    You’ll be prepared for your next visit. Although, hopefully the rain will have subsided by then.

    That is a big one, a time saver. Hope you have a great visit!

  3. f

    We’ve had over 80 days with no rain. :(

    You like slightly nefarious in your hoodie, were you off to tag the local bridge?

  4. f

    That should read “You look”… stupid brain…

  5. Blah! I’d bottle some rain and send it down…

    No hoodie, just a hat. But my local corner store should look out. ;)

  6. f

    Oh, from the angle of the photo it kinda looks like a hoodie.

  7. Can kind of see that, figured since the post was about the hat I wouldn’t have to caption. ;)

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