i much prefer my wordpress

I just blogged for work. On Blogger, which I haven’t logged onto in over two years.

It felt odd. Like I was accessing a past Interweb-self, even though I wasn’t blogging as myself (well technically, I was blogging as my real name, but not for myself…ah, usernames you can be so very confusing).  Anyway, I used to lament the fact that I deleted my old blog, but having logged on today I was kind of glad to have erased that digital footprint as I very  much like this space here, and feel it reflects a lot more of me than the other one did.  And I will not be deleting this one (and please feel free to remind me of this if I ever decide to in the future). I’ve been blogging for just over four years now and it’s interesting to see how your relationships change – with your blog itself, with your readers and ultimately your own relationship with the Internet.

Lately, I will admit I’ve been somewhat disinterested in what is going on online. I hardly spend any time online, and if I do, its one of about a half a dozen sites, so in this regard I feel like the Internet is well, getting boring. Although to be fair, it really hasn’t changed, I’ve just outgrown certain parts of it.  The same things don’t keep my interest, but I suspect that to will change as things continue to evolve and it’s nice to have this space to come  back to share treasures found online or to just update everyone with what’s happening. And the one thing that has kept me blogging for over four years, is really the comments from you, the readers, and the dialogues created from those comments away from this space. Who knew that was possible? So I must thank-you for that.

Do you think blogs will exist 5, 10 or even15 years from now?

On a completely unrelated note, I found this photo while searching for a something for a work event. Look at those chubby arms!

p.s. Did you see this years word of the year? *insert fist shake*



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11 responses to “i much prefer my wordpress

  1. Hi Allison – great post. It is good to reflect on our online presence and forms of related expression from time to time.

    Like you, I am motivated by the interactions and comments that blogs generate. It has been a great way to connect with some very interesting folks around some shared musical obsessions, ideas or just life in general.

    The writing part for me is also sort of therapeutic and it started for me just as an outlet to self publish and express myself, with the added bonus of having come across a handful of really fascinating people over the last few years (some of whom are going to see Billy Bragg on Saturday!).

    I don’t think blogging will be as common in 15 years, it will probably become more of a niche thing as the technology evolves rapidly and other avenues of digital expression come into fashion. This is OK by me, as I would be drawn more to the type of people and ideas through a more indepth blog posting versus a quick twitter-like comment.

    Anyways, I am glad you are keeping at it – there has been some inspiring writing on your blog!

    p.s. – I was mistaken about the word verification on your blog – I must have confused the sequence of my comments that day – I do like the format on wordpress though, I have stuck with blogger out of habit, but if starting again I would try something different as well.

  2. iduality

    I’ve been lucky to find some great musical soulmates – if you will – from this space here. Shared musical obsessions that have turned into great real-life friendships, something that wouldn’t have been possible from a tweeter-like comment, as you say. And yes, concert buddies are always an added bonus. Looking forward to this weekend!

    Thank-you! And your comment reinforces why I keep writing, for great discussions. :)

    Ah, I thought perhaps the Interweb and had decided to put word verification on here by itself or something…which wouldn’t be surprising. Great words though!

  3. #1: Unfriend.
    Runner-up: Teabagger

    Really?! lol. Too much. Too funny.

    It’s funny to think about what will and will not be around in 5, 10, or even 15 years. The internet, as far as the general population is concerned, has only been around for 15 years and we’ve definitely seen a lot of changes in that time.

    Remember when chatrooms were popular before the days of ICQ, MSN/Yahoo! Messenger, or Skype. Remember when feedback was left in Guestbooks, opposed to the standard blog feed of comment pages we are accustomed to currently.

    I can’t imagine what would replace the blog. Even Twitter is a form of blogging in short.

    What I can’t help but watch is the design of webspace. Websites were hideous back in the day – but hey, people didn’t know any better. In fact, we may all look back at Web 2.0 and cringe because that was *so* five years ago. :P

  4. Also a runner-up? Sexting.


    Yes! I remember a program called comic chat, which I enjoyed. I was never really into the ICQ thing, MSN only when I went to university but I haven’t used it in years and years now. Skype is now my drug of choice. ;)

    Twitter is so irritating though. It’s the word limit that bothers me.

    It’s true, the design of it all has been really fascinating to watch. I can only imagine what we will “in” five years from now. Hopefully you’ll still be making changable headers. ;)

  5. Teabagger, really? hahahaha

    But that aside, take what Matthew said and photocopy it for my comment please.

    I think eventually only the die-hard bloggers will be left and that they may well be more of the niche variety. Although there will always be a need for people to express themselves and to share the minutae of their lives with others, only the dedicated will continue in a blog format. The others will flock to easier formats like Twitter that require less thought.

  6. With the advent of radio, telephone, phonograph records and movies, people wondered what would become of books. But some things continue to exist because they continue to fill a human need.

    I think blogging has picked up where diaries left off with the added benefit of adding outside content and being immediately accessible by others. People will always feel the need to write down their thoughts and although some may be comfortable with an exhibitionist youtube-like format, the rest of us will continue to prefer the written word. But, WTFDIK… ;-)

  7. Barb: Really. As Todd said, too much. ;)

    It seems to be overall opinion that blogging will soon be a niche market. It is a lot of work (sometimes) to keep up with blogging, which is why others go to easier formats but it’s nice to settle into a long post with a cuppa and dig into the comments. That good feeling never changes.

    Whitenoise: You make a very good point! And really when I think about it, blogs or diaries have existed for at least the last ten years online, it’s not far fetched to think they’ll be around in another ten. We will always feel the need to write down our thoughts, and hopefully discussions like this will continue to come from it.

  8. f

    Unfriend? Really?? Wow.

    and Teabagger is sooooooo 2001.

    I think blogs will be around in 10 or 15 years, but some thing will replace them in that time and only old fuddies will use blogs while the rest of us HOLOG! or sommat.

  9. iduality

    I know, makes me a little sad. Although in 2007 the word of the year was ‘woot’ so…

    It’s true, people will still be writing, the format just might be tweaked. Ha! Hologs…sounds like something you’d bake. ;)

  10. f

    Mmmmm… fried holog with honey drizzled on top…..

  11. iduality

    Mmm…you had me at fried. ;)

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