two different voices coming out of your mouth, while I’m too cold to care and too sick to shout

Well, it seems to be the week for sharing top keyword searches, so I thought I’d play along. Here are the newest searches that have brought people to this little corner of cyberspace.

buttress fight song
Yay! Support beams!

why do i always read the magazines backwards
Don’t question, it’s perfectly logical.

mountain dew gum
Why I have not been informed of this?

it seemed like a good idea at the time
It always does, it always does.

never trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs
Exactly. Or anyone who doesn’t like Dylan.

i hate onions
Green ones are alright.

house extension as a flying buttress

i may be drunk but my mind is sober
Okay, who from Queen’s is trying to find me?

geek love
Ha! I wonder if I mention I got this for the Boy and how many hits I’ll get then in that category.

And there ends this portion of popular keyword searches.

I’ve been in a bit of weird headspace lately, perhaps this album is to blame. Nevertheless, this is still a good song, and you should really check out the band.



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8 responses to “two different voices coming out of your mouth, while I’m too cold to care and too sick to shout

  1. f

    I love the flying buttress fight song!

    “Yay! Support Beams! We love thee….”

  2. Add in some handclaps, perhaps a little cowbell…perfect anthem. ;)

  3. Oh yes the toaster will bring them all out of the woodwork, fear not!

    I have certainy been hearing major buzz about the Antlers and am impressed with what I have heard, but it must certainly put you in a strange mindset.

  4. iduality

    The toaster is kind of amazing. You can get other inserts to make other ‘pop art’ ;)

    Yeah, the subject matter of the album is a heavy one. I think you’ll enjoy the band when you take a further listen.

  5. keyword searches – it’s like a whole new pseudo-science

  6. It’s fascinating. Even more trying to imagine what one did before Google. ;)

  7. bloody awful poetry

    That poor person questioning their magazine reading habits…sounds like some existential crisis.

    Also this is like the third time this week I’ve had The Antlers recommended to my metaphorical face. I have been resisting for months but I think I’ll give them a shot now. Can’t ignore omens and all =)

  8. Most defintely. People should not question…just do. ;)

    Let me guess….Barb, Sean and myself? Why haven’t you listened already?? Tisk, tisk.

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