at least picking out scandinavian names would be interesting


The other day, the Boy and I were discussing what kind of dog we’d like to get. I’d like to get a Boxer, and he wants an Icelandic Sheepdog. I really had no information about this breed, so I listened to his sales pitch, but what was humourous to me was when he was describing the temperament of the dog.

Him: Well, they’re friendly, loyal, playful and unafraid. They get along well with other pets, and they just have those kinds of eyes that make one seem adorable. A totally lovable animal.

Me (laughing): It sounds like you’re describing yourself.

You make good points, but I love the Boxers because they have those qualities too, however with the little bit of Bulldog that’s in them they retain that bit of “Fuck You” look when crossed the wrong way, which is what I like.

Him (laughing)

Me (pausing): Which is more in line with me…walked right into that one.

Him: Just remember you said it.

Boxer-Puppy_PictureAw. How can you not love that face?

What type of animal best suits your temperament?



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7 responses to “at least picking out scandinavian names would be interesting

  1. Ha – too much in this short post that made me laugh. I never had a pet growing up and so I’ve never paid too much attention to animals — I do pass by certain types of dogs on the street that I think are adorable, but I have no idea what kind they actually are. From the pictures you posted, I think I would have to choose one closer to the first picture than the second.

  2. Glad to cause a chuckle. It’s true though, isn’t? That completely describes him! ;) I only really started to pay attention to breeds when my parents got our family dog, Sam, when I was around 16 or so. I’m learning to love longer hair dogs…

  3. kelly

    I have a flat coat retriever named Jake (aka jakethejerkdog) I think we are similar; devoted companion, a versatile working dog/guy, sensible, outgoing .

    Self-reliant and stable, a desire to please with a confident, happy and outgoing attitude (characterized by a wagging tail) (his tail not mine), and at home he is sensible, alert and affectionate.

  4. Ah-ha, I was wondering where the name came from. They definitely sound like a very easy-going dog. Happy and outgoing attitude (characterized by a wagging tail) – all things to look for in companions. ;)

  5. bloody awful poetry

    I really don’t know much about dog breeds. The two we’ve had so far were both adopted strays and impossibly ugly in a really adorable way. But I do like the look and sound of the Icelandic sheepdog – but of course I’m biased. I love everything associated with that country =)

  6. Is it any wonder why people are said to resemble their pets after a while? I think you have just demonstrated that we choose furry versions of ourselves.

    I think an otter and I would get along very well. We both like to play and float around holding food on our tummies.

  7. BAP: Ugly in an adorable way is what I love in a dog too. Ha! I never thought of it that way…more pros added to the sheepdog column. ;)

    Barb: We really do, don’t we?

    Ha! That really is an amazing talent. :)

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