i keep words on my tongue forever

I told you about The Mary Onettes back in 2006. Remember? Of course you do.

But in case you missed it, fear not!

This Swedish indie rock band are back with a new album that is wrist twirly and it’ll make you wanna tap your foot, while still feeling somewhat brooding. They draw influences from the JAMC, New Order, and a little Echo & the Bunnymen…and I think you’ll enjoy them. Their music is especially great for rainy days, and to be listened to with hot beverages, so my West coast friends, you’ll want this on your ipod.

Plus, everyone knows Sweden is where it’s at these days.

Here are a few tunes from their latest album Islands.

The Mary Onettes – Puzzles

The Mary Onettes – The Disappearance of my Youth



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4 responses to “i keep words on my tongue forever

  1. f

    Now if only I Are Droid would put out some new Swedish rock…

  2. Sounds most worthy of being Swedish – thanks for the listen. You’ve pinpointed the sound very well, with New Order being most prominent I think.

    Great name too!

  3. Now what do the Swedish know about music? Or disposable but stylish furniture? Or meatballs?

  4. fearless: ah yes, i remember them from last year…hopefully soon.

    barb: welcome, glad you enjoyed the tunes. yes, very new order-like.

    john: they’ve proved themselves since abba. ;) wait – we have abba lovers in our midst, don’t we?

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