top five things i found today…in my office

I stole this Top 5 idea from Barb…and added the ‘in my office’ part.

1. Noma lights from the 1950s, with woodland creature bulbs.

2. My lucky paper clip.

3. A giant pair of wool socks from 1898. And I mean giant. My whole arm fit in there.

4. The monitor to the Commodore 64. It was underneath the golf clubs from the 1930s, which are underneath the saddles.

5. Purple post-its.

Find anything interesting today?



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7 responses to “top five things i found today…in my office

  1. Those are amazing finds. And all in one office? When I come to visit, you really must show me the corner of your office which houses the saddles and the golf clubs and the Commodore 64 monitors. My trip would be incomplete without that.

  2. The saddles are in the corner, right in front of me. Really need to be moved, but no space! The office will make much more sense once you visit. Need to see to believe. ;)

  3. f

    I didn’t know your lucky paper clip was missing, perhaps that’s why October has been rough.

  4. iduality

    Perhaps things will get back to less rocky terrain now that it’s found.

  5. kelly

    you put your arm in socks that you found that were that old? Do you know what sort of evil old foot fungus resides in there? Not to mention skin abraded off the feet of the wearer…..yuck

  6. They’ve been in an tight packaging. Plus, I wanted to make sock poppets.

  7. when choosing golf clubs, i always prefer to use an iron~'”

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