tired and wired, we ruin too easy

Is it November yet? Specifically mid-to-late November?

No. Damn.

Okay, guess I’ll make another button bouquet to pass the time away, while I’m waiting for my canvas to dry and the pie to cool.


I figure by the time this year is up, between work and keeping up with social activities, I will have crafted myself into oblivion to keep my mind off of the fact that everything I want is 5000km in the opposite direction. On the plus side, our house will not be lacking in decoration. Stayed tuned. Next week I’ll show you the pillow case I’m knitting.

Note: This is not the one I made. I lost my usb cord…but it’s similar.



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4 responses to “tired and wired, we ruin too easy

  1. How clever, this button bouquet idea! I tend to stick to paint chips and glue myself.

    Damned insanely large land mass! Canada, why you gotta be so big?

  2. iduality

    It’s quite fun, although a little hard on the hands. I’ve figured out the correct gauge of wire to use. Perhaps by the time you visit I’ll be giving them out as parting gifts. ;)

    Really cramping my style. Come on, teleportation!

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