i’ve got the spirit, lose the feeling, let it out somehow

In my New Order listening this morning, I slipped into Joy Division mode.

Shocking, I know.

Had this song on repeat and it’s funny, because this week I’ve been thinking about this movie that accompanies this clip.



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11 responses to “i’ve got the spirit, lose the feeling, let it out somehow

  1. HALlison,

    I can not believe how well the music meshes with Kubrick’s images… A marriage made in Youtube heaven! Great find.

    Have you heard this yet? http://www.myspace.com/badlieutenantmusic

    Since New Order are all but done now this might be a nice little alternative. You should have a listen.


  2. iduality

    I know, I was impressed too.

    Yes…I think I heard it a few months back. It didn’t wow me, but nice to have something new from Sumner. I’ll have to listen to more than just those two tracks, thanks for the reminder.

  3. f

    I’ve been hearing New Order a lot lately, reminds me of Senior Year in High School, damn I’m old.

  4. kelly

    I wandered here as a result of Zombie Woman Barbs blog, my first thought was I love the gargoyle and then I scrolled down and saw it…gasp. your word of the week…Gaucherie; the root which is French for left…as in left handed…so in essence that’s like calling us left handed people socially awkward or tactless……. hmmmppphhhh

  5. Fearless: Reminds me of high school…so yeah, you are. ;P

    Kelly: Thanks for clicking over. Ha, that it is. Apologies to offend on your first visit…typically that is reserved for repeat readers.

  6. f

    Yeah, but when I was in high school, the New Order music was brand new. ;P

  7. iduality

    It was brand new to me as well. ;) I’m constructing a post around this idea – music discovered out of eras, etc and how the story resonated differently (or the same) when the music is listened out of context.

  8. f

    Fine. ;P

    New weezer has leaked if yer wanna.

  9. iduality

    Ah, cool, thanks for the heads up!

  10. I like your idea for a contextual post. Many of my favourites were discovered long after the fact, so it’s a concept that I am well familiar with.

  11. Me too, me too. I should have flushed it all out when I was pondering it, but hopefully my notes still make sense. ;)

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