adventures in gum paste & buttercream

Here’s my first attempt at Yoda.

I know I need to work on his colouring. It is hard to make Yoda green! But tis a start. Funny how my migraine faded once I started baking. Hmm…


Now who’s going to eat him. I don’t like icing.



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8 responses to “adventures in gum paste & buttercream

  1. It is adorable! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Yoda look that wide-eyed and happy before.

  2. f

    Yoda, what a large “lightsaber” you have….

  3. iduality

    BAP: Thank-you! He does look a little wide-eyed, doesn’t he? I think that’s because he was starting to melt. ;)

    Fearless: Knew that was going to be your comment. It was made before the body though, need thin out perhaps.

  4. f

    Can’t help it, it’s the biggest part of him, it’s disproportionately huge. Or maybe he’s compensating…

  5. iduality

    yeah, well, as i said, first attempts.

  6. I love icing! Consider him eaten (except he is too cute to eat).

  7. I know, he’s still in my fridge in a ziplock bag. The cupcake is long gone. :)

  8. Pamela M

    I hate to be critical, but Yoda looks like a cuter greener happier healthier version of Gollum. I praise your attempt, though. I have ZERO talent at molding/shaping things.

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