i’d like a rubik’s cube cake, please

The boy is a foodie.

This still somewhat amuses me because when we met he made this sweeping declaration that he didn’t eat anything green.

Raised eyebrows I had, and asked him how he could discount such glorious vegetables. I pushed the subject, curious if he’d ever even tried grilled asparagus with lime, lasagna with broccoli, or artichoke hearts?

No, was the response I got (and suspected).

This has changed (dating a vegetarian may have had something to do with this), and I’ve seen such a change in his cooking. It’s completely fine to discount certain things that you don’t like, but to write them off without trying them? Not very foodie of you, sir.

I still get a kick out of his calls telling me he’s incorporated something green into his menu. They are few and far between now, but still cause me to chuckle. I think he was used to parental cooking (and um, butchering) of certain foods and that can certainly be a deterrent.

I digress though.

This works well for our relationship because of my penchant for baking, so I’m more than happy to let him cook while I do my thing. When we visit we try and stay in and cook/bake as much as we can, because well, it’s fun. So I’m visiting TO in a few weeks, and we were discussing things we could bake and he sends me these pictures with this big preamble, I don’t know if you’d like to do something like this



My response: Sweet! Or maybe these…


Him: Excellent. I wasn’t sure…

Me: It’s not like it’s shocking information you’re a geek. Please, give me more credit than that. Ooh, can we make Yoda ones?

Him: Oh no, I’ve unleashed a monster.

It’s funny to see how much we’ve both changed in past year or so. I will admit that I wasn’t so sure how things were going to turn out, but it’s been fascinating to see the positive impact this person who is completely different from myself has on me. Quite refreshing, it is.



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6 responses to “i’d like a rubik’s cube cake, please

  1. f

    Please take pictures of your cupcakes when you bake them, would love to see what sort of shenanigans you can make with Yoda.

  2. I will definitely post pictures! I’ve been looking at a few online, and a hope he doesn’t come out looking too menacing.

  3. f

    If he does, just make him wear a “Have a nice day!” t-shirt, problem solved.

  4. Ha! Good idea. In my test run last night, I was mixing greens, however I didn’t have proper food colouring colours, so my yoda green came out too much like ninja turtle. The fondant lightsaber though, bang on!

  5. You did a test run? If that’s not foodie-ism, my dear, I don’t know what is.

    That’s lovely that you enjoy cooking together and even more importantly planning meals together. Especially if you can sneak a few extra green things into the shopping cart.

  6. Well, there are a many different versions of him I’d like to try. Flat and standing. In this one he is standing with a fondant cape and lightsaber! I had some extra cupcakes around that I didn’t like the icing on, so I used those. Really just bored while waiting for dinner to cook.

    It’s my goal to have broccoli a regular fixture at the table. :)

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