fools errand

it’s frustrating dealing with factors that are beyond your control, yet it’s your responsibility to fix them.

i’m told, please think outside the box.

okay, i’ll come back with lofty, yet controlled thoughts.

well, actually think inside the box but consider x, y and z.

okay, perhaps i’ll make a little window here…

yeah, no, come back again and just stick to the box and consider x.

okay…so i can slice a little hole through and i think that will work. under budget too.

just overheard you there, scrap x and just go with the inside the box. but remember  fresh and new, we need to set an example.

boxes were much more fun when they were just used for forts.



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8 responses to “fools errand

  1. It’s never easy to do meaningful work inside a cliche. You are too good for boxes, too creative for envelopes. Bear that in mind as you soldier on, trying to do the impossible.

  2. iduality

    Thanks, Barb. It’s hard coming having a lot of freedom to strict parameters and paperwork. Such is life. ;)

  3. f

    Just wait til they replace your boxes with ergonomically correct spheres.

  4. My head hurts at the thought. ;)

    Funnily enough, someone in my office tried using one of those exercise balls as a chair. Plan lasted til lunch.

  5. I read slice a hole in the box and my mind goes to Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake…

  6. Ha! I didn’t even make the connection. That would certainly bring a different take to the table…

  7. me, I prefer to use circles not boxes…

  8. the illusion of more room… ;)

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