pardon me, but i seem to have lost my mind

well, for anyone wondering i cemented by neighbourhood nickname as the “mean lady with the red hair” yesterday.

while i was parking my car in front of the house (i cannot park in the driveway because backing out is next to impossible), i ran over an abundance of sidewalk chalk and some wooden chalkboard that the neighbourhood children had been drawing on. it should be noted that when rolled over, sidewalk chalk sounds like glass and holy crap do those cheap dollar store chalkboard fly.

my concern was my car, as the sun was so bright i thought i hit the fence partition. it was only when i got out of the car, and was met with a half a dozen crying children did i realize it was just sidewalk chalk. however, to six year olds the rationale of ‘its just chalk’ and ‘it should not have been in the street’ did not seem to apply.

it looked as though i had literally obliterated a rainbow, right in front of them.

the eldest of the bunch, soon became my ally as she seem to grasp what i was trying to say (i think she was about 12), even though the daughter who lives in my house, tried her best to get the rest of them worked up. i seem to have lost my patience with children lately. or just this bunch, the one in particular. its weird.

the burbs bring out the worst in me. good thing i’ll be moving next year.


happy (somewhat early) thanksgiving to those celebrating this weekend! my weekend starts now, thankfully. this week has taken forever to end. i will try and document the various cooking adventurous that are sure to take place in my kitchen this weekend. i have carnivores coming for dinner, and i’m still undecided if i should purchase turkey for them? would do you think? i think i should, just because whenever i go to someone else’s house for a meal they accommodate my dietary restrictions. it’s only fair i do so in return. can you buy mini turkeys? better question – can you buy precooked mini turkey, like those mini chickens they have in the deli…hmm.




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9 responses to “pardon me, but i seem to have lost my mind

  1. Yes, you can buy such things. In fact, I saw one in the store yesterday. But I didn’t buy it.

  2. I wrote that paragraph yesterday, and went searching and had no luck. I just found lots of mini chickens. Guess I’ll have to look around more today, at least now I now they exist…well at least in America. ;)

  3. I am pretty sure you can buy just a turkey breast, if that helps. Course that means any dark meat aficionados are euchred. Perhaps said carnivore will settle for pumpkin pie instead?

    Brava on solidifying your mean lady status amongst the young neighbourhood riffraff. Never underestimate the power therein.

  4. Said carnivore will settle for chicken, but I’d wanted to make attempts to find turkey. Still no luck. Oh well.

    Ha! And I already have a wicked cane…I so fit the role. ;)

  5. f

    Mini chicken is better, actually because it won’t make you sleepy. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. yeah but the burbs bring out the best blurbs in you!

  7. Fearless: Good point! I don’t want anyone falling asleep on me. Thank-you!

    GT: Ha! Never looked at it that way. :)

  8. bloody awful poetry

    I have never had turkey in my life. I mean, like the sliced ones in sandwiches, yes, but never a real turkey y’know.
    Oh well.
    Happy thanksgiving!

  9. iduality

    from what i can recall they are quite tasty. a lot of work to make, but the end result is worth it. :)

    thanks, i’m still full!

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