why the children on this block, mainly the eldest of my landlord’s brood, seem to have started the game:

run screaming into the bushes when allison arrives in the driveway.

i’m wondering if this has anything to do with the trip i made to the rubbish bins with the rolling pin dripping with raspberry on sunday?

hmm. could be. could be.



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9 responses to “wondering…

  1. f

    Next step is to cook cow brains and then take them to the bin…muamuamuahahahahaaa! You are trying to encourage this behavior, right?

  2. kind of, it’s so perplexing its humourous. and the bins are next to where they usually conjure. this could work. ;)

  3. Could be worse– you could have Barb’s weird lawnmower kids.

  4. My cousins and I had a similar game as kids: run screaming when you see one of my brothers; and try to hide. Sorry, I don’t remember why we were doing it; might have helped to understand those kids. But I agree with John!

  5. ha! good one, john.

    evelyne: i can kind of remember doing that with other kids when i was younger, but not so isolated as this. it’s strange, but tonight, only half the kids ran away at my presence. ;)

    for anyone wondering about the lawnmower kids:

  6. It is so empowering to be the weird scary lady on the block! Embrace it, especially with Hallowe’en coming up. Perhaps you need to open the door to trick or treaters while holding the offending rolling pin. Fun for the whole family.

    The lawnmower kids would be thrilled to know their fame is spreading. Perhaps less so their parents.

  7. iduality

    The fact that I am allergic to cats bodes well for me not becoming the crazy lady. I’ll take weird. ;)

  8. The best thing about children is how they bounce :P

  9. Ha! So true…so true. ;)

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