we are but two atheists in lust

Monday = good…

When favourite musical groups release new tunes you can tap your foot to.



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6 responses to “we are but two atheists in lust

  1. liz

    oooo more new songs!!!

  2. Did you know that campesino is Spanish for peasant or ‘country” person… Talk about the right name for a band isn’t it? It really suits their ramshackly, gypsy vibe.

    And so nice to have yet another band from Wales thrilling us so…

    Great video!


  3. Los Camps (as they are affectionately known) are infinitely foot tappable. Chair danceable too! And downright dangerous while driving.

  4. Liz: Never ending tunes, huzzah!

    Sean: I did not know that, but yes, you’re right it does fit them so. I saw them in concert when I was living in Newcastle and they blew me away, I’ve been hooked since!

    Barb: Yes very good point, probably a good thing I have not transferred them to car CDs yet. ;)

  5. f

    The title of this post made me think of “We are two ventriloquists, ventriloquists, and we practice every day….”

  6. iduality

    you know, the boy made me suggested we watch that movie this year. i finally got all the references you’ve made in the past. pimp dust does sparkle… ;)

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