who needs the gym when you have a marble rolling pin

it was the perfect fall day.

sunny, but not too sunny. warm, but still brisk. the leaves are turning orange…soon to be red. i need to charge my ipod up with fall musical listening…

i am told i have the best view of all the curators in the lower mainland, as my office window looks right out to the Fraser river and the sun was bouncing off the waves, and i was somewhat sadden having to spend most of it inside at work, but it kind of flew by. working only 6 hours on sunday does that. i’m also working on an interesting project, well, now its tedious, but it will be interesting and easily explainable by next Tuesday when i have to present my ideas. yes, it will be….yes.

i made pie this evening. rhubarb raspberry…yum if i do say so myself.


although it doesn’t look so fabulous, it tastes divine. next time i need to use actual buttermilk, not skim for my crust, think that will cover more.


ice cream is missing….

okay who’s going to help me eat the rest of it?



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8 responses to “who needs the gym when you have a marble rolling pin

  1. It sounds almost worth having to work on a picture perfect fall day when you have the best view of all the curators in the lower mainland. I would have spent much of those 6 hours gazing out the window, I am sure.

    God that pie looks divine. Raspberry rhubarb, drooooool! Which reminds me, I need to bake a pie this weekend. Was this a practice pie for Thanksgiving?

  2. iduality

    I keep the blinds closed when I’m trying to accomplish something, otherwise I’d never get anything done. ;)

    It was a practice pie for Thanksgiving! You know me too well. Best thing is I get pie for my lunch dessert for the whole week. I might need to make a mini pie for Thanksgiving…can’t believe its this weekend. Huzzah!

  3. The pie looks divine – feel free to mail me piece!

    Your view sounds wonderful, and it has indeed been a splendid fall in the lower mainland. I drove past English Bay the other day at sunset and it was breath taking and surreal. Literally ever person on the street had stopped to soak it in, one of those rare communal experiences where we are all humbled by the immense beauty of what surrounds us.

  4. iduality

    Once I can figure out postage… ;)

    It was a great weekend, wasn’t? I was down at Kits Beach on Saturday, and reminded why I moved back. The sunsets have been glorious all week, we’ve been lucky. I’m hoping to get to Stanley Park and English Bay this weekend…if the weather holds.

  5. Is there any talents you don’t possess Allison? That is one tasty looking pie. For your next project could you please get working on that tele-pastry-porting device? Eager readers and dessert lovers everywhere are awaiting this development.

    You will be pleased to hear I will be donning the bakers hat this coming weekend for Mom’s birthday… She requested my famous pumpkin cake.

    Must be something in the Blogger gene that makes so handy huh?

    Have a great week!

  6. You’re too kind, my friend. It is very tasty, but I’m taking a pie break for a few days, thankfully I have people to finish it this week for me…those things are filling! I really must work on this tele-pastry-porting device you speak of. ;)

    Mmm, pumpkin cake. I make a good one too. We’ll have to compare notes. Take pictures. :)

    Have a lovely week too!

  7. scrummy, ah marble rolling pins, reminds me of England. My British Mother in law always has one.

  8. iduality

    i’m thinking about trading mine in, as it messed up my shoulder. took nine months to heal, back one lousy pie! boo.

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