i did manage to make a bowie record into a clock though

I bought a television.

It’s all shiny, new, and flat-like, as you can see below (photo is a bit grainy, I’m still operating in a low light zone).

I’ve been having mixed feelings about this piece of technology. I have not had a telly in years, and it makes me a little ill thinking about how much I spent on it. Never again will I enter into an electronic store with the Boy in my ear. Yes it was on sale, yes the quality is good, yes I will use it (hopefully), but it’s also disrupted my living space. You can’t really tell so much from this picture as the ottoman is blocking all my paint clutter.

That table was my desk, and now as you can see the floor has become my work station. I think I need to do some reorganizing…might have to purchase a new easel. Sigh. Also have to tape down the cable wire. I’m surprised I didn’t injure myself (or the tv) whilst putting up those curtains today. Still not sure about the colour placement…perhaps the darker shade on the outside? Yes I think so…

I’m glad to be getting out of the house this weekend. All that real estate porn on HGTV does my head in.

What’s a piece of technology/applicance in your house now you could live without? I could do without a dishwasher.

Happy weekend all.




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9 responses to “i did manage to make a bowie record into a clock though

  1. f

    You need an entertainment center for your tv so you can reclaim the table. Ikea sells em cheap.

  2. No room for that, space is cramped as it is. Thinking about mounting it to the wall though…would enable me to reclaim the table!

  3. Oooh you have a little fireplace! This I did not know, but that will be lovely on a damp winter evening. You have inspired me to spark ours up as we are expecting snow tonight.

    I am sure you (and the Boy even more so) will get loads of enjoyment out of your new tech toy. Oddly enough the television is the piece of technology that I never use anymore.

    And yes, dark curtains on the outside.

  4. Since July (when I moved), I don’t have cable anymore; felt weird at first but I’ve been enjoying it recently. But I do like to watch dvds (little sister has a bunch of series). I guess I could do without the Wii, but definitely not without the laptop.

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Barb: The fireplace doesn’t seem to work, and so its kind of a waste of space as it jets out from the wall. The little insert above it has a mirror, but I’m thinking of moving that and putting shelving in there. :)

    Snow already? Say it ain’t so…hope the fireplace keeps you warm.

    Curtains have been moved!

    Evelyne: I enjoy having cable in the evening sometimes, seeing as I spend so much time at the computer during the day at work, its a nice break when I get home to put on something else in the background as I putter around.

    I’m with you on the laptop. ;)

  6. bloody awful poetry

    I am somewhat technologically backwards, all things considered, but I can’t live without the computer. The TV can be chucked out any day. I mean, there is a reason why god created the Youtube, y’know.

  7. iduality

    This is true. My eyes just started to revolt against me…I had to give in to the bigger screen. ;)

  8. f

    Well, the boy talked you into the thing, least he could do is help with the mounting. *cough*

  9. iduality

    Yes, he’s offered. ;)

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