I can’t believe the over blown media coverage Queen’s University homecoming still gets. Read it here.

In my opinion that is most of the problem. The masses do not have good memories, however if you keep bringing up these stories it just adds more fuel. When I was attending uni there, the majority of the people attending this event were not actually Queen’s students, but people coming from other universities to attend the “legendary festivities.”

I know people reading this might disagree, and I’m not condoning the actions, from previous years at all, but fuck the coverage of all the shenanigans is just ridiculous, and most of it has been blown out of portion. The best part about the article was the map, and the descriptions.

“On any given night, Queen’s students flock to a handful of bars and clubs at the Corner of Princess and Division street. Fights and rampant intoxication are commonplace.”

The worse fight I ever witnessed at Queen’s were two pop collars yelling at each over who cut in line at a Starbucks.

queens_graphic_242441a (1)

I used to live in the “Hub” a few blocks from Aberdeen street.



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8 responses to “limestone

  1. zoiks! i thought you were talkng about the real Queen. We are still such colonials out here in Canadr

  2. yeah, that we are. although, to be fair the university was founded in the 1830s.

  3. f

    Hahaha Queen’s Ghetto… that’s funny, seems like the media sure hates the college.

  4. It is very ghetto-like. :) Yeah, the Globe and Mail, especially. Hopefully the homecoming talk will fade in the next few years, and focus will shift onto better things.

  5. bloody awful poetry


    So you weren’t talking about the Queen. Or the other Queen.


  6. Ha! No, Queen’s University. I should have made this clearer. ;)

  7. The worse fight I ever witnessed at Queen’s were two pop collars yelling at each over who cut in line at a Starbucks. – this is an image that will stay with me all day. Those pop collars are total bad asses.

    I do like how they direct you to the corner of Princess and Division. So you too can get involved.

  8. It’s a funny image, especially because I’m picturing them in pastels. ;)

    Very considerate to point people in the right direction, isn’t?

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