here comes a regular

I live in the ground floor of a house, and my landlord and her family live above.

She reminds me of someone from my past. So much so its kind of scary. The same physical attributes, mannerisms, even the same clothing style.

I didn’t notice it fully until last night when I was leaving for the evening, and she was standing in the driveway watching the children play on the lawn, while attempting to train their new dog (who I am stealing for my own, they just don’t know it yet). She saw me coming, smiled and gave me a somewhat exasperated look towards the kids and dog and it was something in that look that made me stop in my tracks, and I saw my old friend so clearly it was almost blinding, and that just wasn’t because the sun was setting.

I stopped and chatted with her and played with the dog and listen as she vented a bit, and again attempted to figure out again what exactly it is that I do for a living. Her expressions and references make me smile, I feel so at home whenever we chat, and I think she enjoys that I am a bit of a puzzle to her. She offers me tidbits of advice on the long distance relationship and we talk 90s music.

She shares so many resemblances to my friend B, it hurts. It makes me miss my friend of yesterday who is lost in that space, you know the one? Between then and now. I wonder if this is the universe telling me that everything is cyclical. Things are reborn into other things…

Or something like that. Yeah, something like that.

I know this will be on your stereo. Even though I don’t, I know.



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4 responses to “here comes a regular

  1. f

    Glad the tourist feeling is fading, and that you feel comfortable with your new landlord.

    As for the Pearl Jam, my stereo beat you to it ;P

  2. iduality

    Yes, things are starting to settle, which is nice. Already having a core group of friends around, helps. Plus the abundance of sushi restaurants does not hurt matters.

    ;) Completely shocking, just like that 100% music score on FB.

  3. How well you put it, the friends of yesterday who get lost in that space between then and now. It’s painful and confusing when that happens, those friends whom you thought were forever, gradually evaporating into the ether. Fortunately the universe really is cyclical and if you’ve been good, very very good, the reborn will exceed the lost.

  4. iduality

    Its nice when the reborn exceed the lost…its rare, but welcome. I’ll always have a soft spot for the time in my life…ahh to be in uni forever. ;)

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