peeled apples

Whilst wandering through various downtown vintage stores this weekend, my friend Mel and I found ourselves inadvertantly on a Hallowe’en costume hunt.

I’m thinking Sherlock Holmes…but I’d need to find a pipe.

Or a Ghostbuster.

Or a Cigarette/Candy Girl…because I think you could have a lot of fun with that costume.

I’m also looking to plan a Hallowe’en event at work, around storytelling. Apparently we have a few volunteers who do a lot of voice over work and have done such events in the past. Each room could have a different story theme, and a lot of fun could be had methinks. Also there are rumours that one house is haunted…Oooo. I think its just the Victorian death portraits on the wall that freak people out. Fair enough, eh?

Look forward to more tales from that place when I operate out of it more in the winter. If anyone was around 4 years ago when I worked in Vancouver its the same kind of house. If you come visit, I’ll even give you a tour in my “museum voice.” ;)

Musical Monday listening…

Devendra Banhart – Baby



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6 responses to “peeled apples

  1. Victorian death portraits would be incredible! You could really incorporate those into a Hallowe’en theme. I hope to be there sometime around Hallowe’en and I will insist upon a museum-voiced tour. Can’t wait!

  2. There are a couple interesting ones in the house. Sadly, I’m not sure if funding will be able to come together for this year, but at least I’ll be able to fully organize for next.

    You’re going to be here around Hallowe’en?? Yippee!! That just made my night. I will insist on dragging you from the city for a dinner out here. :) Can’t wait to see you again! *handclaps*

  3. Mellowlee

    I can’t wait for Halloween Al! I want to come see your work place too!!!!!

  4. iduality

    Me either! We’re going to have to find something fun to do…if not just wander in our costumes. ;)

  5. there are plethora here, its lovely!

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