been an open book, a slammed door

Its been a weird week. First weeks usually are though, I guess.

My work week is Sunday through Thursday, so I’m trying to digest everything. My old employers are still having me consult via email, which I’m happy to do actually, as there is no curator there so the responsibly falls to the admin staff, and that is a lot to deal with. I was sent off in their local paper, which was a chuckle to read, however an improvement from the last one, (which isn’t saying much). Hey, at least this time they got my name right. I was interested to read I am from “Metro Ontario” though. What does that even mean?

I just kind of feel like I’m watching my life from the other side of the room or something.

I’m not really here, and I haven’t been able to handle silence since returning.  I have music on until I turn off the lights, trying to  distract myself from thinking of the weight these next few years. Works half of the time, you know.

Feeling this tune tonight. I hear The Stills are touring with Metric this fall…



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3 responses to “been an open book, a slammed door

  1. As everybody in Northern BC knows, all Ontario is one big suburb of Toronto. It’s such a tiny little province, after all.

    First weeks are always surreal, and I am sure you find it particularly so, as you are still being divided up between your new job and your old one. You have a lot on your plate the next few years, but if anyone can handle it with grace and aplomb, it’s you.

  2. f

    I hope the tourist feeling fades. At least you have new Flips for laughs and strangeness.

  3. Barb: I know, eh. To help my British friends with the size I would remind them that England is actually smaller than SW Ontario.

    “Grace and aplomb” – I like that. Thanks, I hope so too. When things start to pick up I think it’ll be easier.

    Fearless: Thanks, me too. Usually takes a bit, but it’ll come. Yes indeed. I still have them on repeat…shall graduate to other tunes soon…perhaps. :)

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