blue lights on the runway

The new job is much more of a managerial role, than I have been accustomed to in the past. So much so that I will be in charge of a half dozen employees, running two committees, event planning, and then curatorial work. It’s a perfect example of how smaller museums are understaffed.

I was venting my frustration to the Boy, and pondering if possibly I have bit off more than I could chew with this job, as its dealing with the public much more hands on, which is something I haven’t really done for a few years, and makes me nervous.

The Boy, ever the cheerleader, and who was fortunate enough to spend a few months with me up north in my last place of employment, tells me not to worry, and that everything will come together and my underlings will align because I’ll be able to use my “Museum Voice” again.

Me: What do you mean, my “Museum Voice”?

Boy: You know, the tone you get when dealing with people in a professional setting…its formal; calm, but a few pitches below annoyed with a smidge of Mr. Burns, mainly because you tap your chin a lot when pondering and squint your eyes, while still smiling.

Me: So basically you’re telling me I have the voice of an angry/evil librarian while at work? That’s horrible.

Boy: No, not all the time, mainly when dealing with the underlings. It’s just a very formal, you. It’s amusing to listen to, because normally your eyes control your voice, like when you get really excited and they turn to saucers and you go supersonic…I believe last time this happened you were excited over making a milkshake. But when you’re at work your eyes sometimes scream annoyed but your voice is very calm and you say things like “most certainly”, it’s actually kind of hypnotic…

Me: It’s the nod and smile, giving the illusion of peace and then bam! here’s more work to do –

Boy: I’m going to interrupt you before you say “Muhaha” and prove my point entirely.

Me: I’m hanging up now.

Pretty soon, I’m going to be the crazy old lady who fist shakes at squirrels, carries her shoes in her purse, collects teapots and steals sweet n’ low.

Oh wait….



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6 responses to “blue lights on the runway

  1. f

    You should definitely invest in a hoveround soon.

  2. iduality

    I wonder if I’d get an early bird special… ;)

  3. Do you not find it ironic that you came from Smithers to your new job and now channel Mr. Burns?

    If this were a perfect world you would hire an underling and simply call them “Smithers”.

    And all would ‘eeeexxcellllent’ in the universe again.

    (Eeeexxcellllent post!)

    Ned Flanders

  4. iduality

    Yes, it is a bit ironic isn’t?

    As it stands now I’ve given them numbers, so I’m not far off. ;)

    Hahaha – Ned! Love that. I just had an image of Ned making secret phone calls to the radio station for KISS tickets. He he he… :)

  5. I have always wanted to be a fly on the wall when conversation betwixt you and the boy occur. Is it any wonder?

  6. Then tend to get ridiculous fast. And you’ve heard us banter, we’re more in sync now…which is kind of scary. ;)

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