ring the bells

I was only at my new post a mere three hours before I managed to make my first fumble.

While chatting with one of our part-time staff, I reached over to grab my drink off my desk while continuing our conversation, and somehow the lid had come unscrewed off the bottle of Powerade I was drinking…and then I ever so gracefully proceeded to pour out half the bottle on myself in an attempt to take a sip.

Now, this wasn’t a minor spill. Oh no. From my chest down to my knees was covered, and I had go back home and change. The drink managed to seep threw my clothes to my knickers, and even to my shoes, as I squeaked while walking.

Classy, it was.

My boss who came back from lunch after I made the trip home to change, paused looking me up and down and said, “I hope we can expect a wardrobe change at lunch everyday from you, it’ll keep things fresh.”

I’m so gonna have to buy more plaid.



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10 responses to “ring the bells

  1. f

    It must have been quite embarrassing to experience, but it’s hilarious to read ;)

  2. That was a fun post, but must not have been a fun moment. I hope it didn’t stain as Powerade usually has somewhat bright color.

  3. Fearless: It was embarrassing, but I was quick with the jokes to laugh at myself, so perhaps saved some face…perhaps. :)

    Evelyne: It was starting to stain a nice red hue, but I put some stain remover on it and put it through the wash and the clothes are fine now. My dignity is still drying though. ;)

  4. Yet another reason to only ever drink water! As my cautionary tale will demonstrate.

    I, for one, was very glad that it was only a bottle of water that I had dumped into my lap just before going through airport security a couple of weeks ago. Since I set off the alarms and was then patted down, I was glad to not be sticky in addition to wet. That would have looked suspicious.

    Very nice that your boss has a sense of humour! I have a feeling she will need it. *grin*

  5. I think even with water I would have had to change, it was that bad. But today I’m leaving the Powerade at home, and sticking with just water. :)

    Ha ha…but you’re probably right. This place is full of places I could fall. ;)

  6. bloody awful poetry

    I don’t know what Powerade is, but that did not sound fun. At all.
    There was that one time I poured coffee all over myself while trying to take a sip. And yeah. Hot coffee, as well.

    And I think I love your boss =)

  7. aww…. haha… aww…

    It’s the universe playing one of its fun little ice breakers – welcome to the new job! And as far as first fumbles goes that’s pretty good. At least you didn’t get your underlings trapped in a paper shredder or get blinded by a photocopier……. :P

    Hope the rest of the week remains spill free! And I agree, your boss sounds fun. :)

  8. iduality

    BAP: Its like a sports drink…kind of like flavoured water. Ouch! I’m thankfully it was not a hot beverage.

    She is fun. :)

    Todd: Typical me though isn’t? ;)

    Hahaha! No, but that would have been fun. ;p So far no more spills…buts its only Tuesday.

  9. Dearest Allison.

    You are in good company my dear… On the first day of the job I am currently working I managed to break my boss’s telephone and spill a bowl of soup on him. It’s as if the universe is conspiring against new employees simply to put us in our place to remind us (and our employers) that we are not infallible and every bit as human as they are.

    Best get it over with early. One can only go up from here, right? Mind you, wardrobe expectations in your office may put a strain on your paycheque. On can only handle so much plaid too. Wear black like I do. I can and have disguised entire spaghetti dinners very easily.

    Terrific post, you put a huge smile on my face with this one. Best of luck with the new position. And a word of advice, go for the clear Powerade the next time and for goodness sake keep it clear of your computer!


  10. iduality

    Ooh, that takes talent. What kind of soup? ;) Glad I am in good company. I was glad to have that fumble over with on the first day. I have been wearing black for the rest of the week, ha! Although my tights are quite colourful, so I just have to make sure I spill above the knee. :)

    Clear Powerade, noted. I’ve been sticking to water, although its out of a nalgene bottle, just as worrying!

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