tomorrow never knows what it doesn’t know too soon

Well, I’m back in the greater Toronto area.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention I was back home in the first place.

Apologies for the blog neglect, but things have been a bit busy round these parts. Today sitting on the train for 4 hours was the first time I stopped since um…since I left Vancouver? What I have been up too, let’s see:

Had a nice catch-up with my old roommate, and fellow Jolly Cynic, Todd.  Hopefully going to meet up with other Torontonians over the next few days.

I won a giant banana at the CNE, playing Whac-a-mole (both the Boy and my father tried to win it for me all day, but where unsuccessful). Actually, even better it was Brian from The Family Guy in the banana suit, and yes, I did walk around for the rest of the afternoon doing the peanut butter jelly dance.

Consumed copious amounts of Long Island Iced Tea.

Spent many hours fighting with Rogers over my broken mobile.

Spent many hours fighting with a certain Airline who is not planning to refund my canceled fight, even though I had flight insurance (this battle is not over).

Consumed more amounts of Long Island Iced Tea.

Met up with my brother and his girlfriend – who despite looking like walking Abercombie adverts – turned out to be pleasant company. She as it turns out just interviewed for my old job. More on that later, as I also must describe in further detail where they are living.

Shed many a tear over the parentals destruction of my desktop computer and all my files. I had them backed-up, but the back-up had been destroyed recently. So long university writing, and short stories.  I’m going back to long hand…after I type this blog post of course.

Spent a lot of time on the 401.

Enrolled in French classes.

Started reading a very good book, I hope to finish soon.

There’s been more visiting, which has been lovely, but also exhausting. I am looking forward to having the next three hours to catch up on a few things (i.e. sleep), then I feel a movie post coming on. . . hopefully everyone has seen Inglorious Basterds.

IMG_2100_1photo taken fall of 2006 on the train from kingston to toronto.



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6 responses to “tomorrow never knows what it doesn’t know too soon

  1. Careful, you will turn into Marge Simpson. Those Long Island Ice Teas are a little too yummy for their own good, aren’t they?

    How did the parentals manage to destroy the PC?

  2. They are, I’ve never really drank them much before…but they are prefect for a hot summer day!

    Long story…

  3. Looks like I’ll have to try Long Island Ice Teas at some point, I’ve been drinking more beers than drinks recently.

    Catching up on sleep is a pretty good idea since it looks like you’ve been very busy.

  4. I keep trying to like beer, but it always fails. Must be my sweet tooth. ;)

    I slept in quite a bit today, it was lovely!

  5. uh-oh. Which certain airline? :-(

  6. iduality

    Yeah, still fighting that one, possibly out $1100. Its not this the airline, its with the insurance company, apparently. It was US Airways though.

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