where the long shadows grow

I was climbing through the hole in the chain link fence at the Boy’s apartment, heading to A&P, listening to some new tunes when I had a weird deja vu moment…

Rewind two and a half years ago, its sometime after midnight on my last night in my apartment in Kingston. Ali, Annie and I are up to drunken shenanigans in the parking lot. Another chain link fence, another trip to A&P, and I believe a top hat was involved.

I wonder what ever happened to that hat?

Moving causality, I guess. This reminds me I need to replace my cane too.

On a somewhat related note; we were having a discussion the other day, if Mr. Peanut where to speak what kind of accent do you think he’d have?

I reckon British, however the Boy disagrees.




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7 responses to “where the long shadows grow

  1. f

    I always thought he’d have a sort of Massachusetts uppercrust accent…. “Buffy, bring me the chafing dish, will you?”

  2. I think he’d sound just like Jimmy Carter. Not really, but I just like to entertain the idea that he would.

  3. Fearless: I can see that…and moreso that Mrs. Peanut would be called Buffy. ;)

    Barb: Ha! Fair enough. :)

  4. I’m never able to place where my deja vu came from. It’s cool that you could.

    As for his voice, in real life it’s probably not a voice that you’d expect, just like when you see a radio dj and that guy with the soothing, deep voice is actually 5’1, bald, and skinny. Speaking of misplaced voices, my son has never seen a Star Wars movie but is fascinated with the characters, and of course, the light sabres. Whenever I put on a Darth Vader mask around him, I give him Jerry Lewis’ Nutty Professor nerd voice. He’s going to be shocked when he finally gets to see the real guy. So, maybe Mr. Peanut sounds like Snagglepuss (even).

  5. iduality

    This is true, still I would hope that Mr. Peanuts voice would have some relation to the character persona.

    Ha!! That was a brilliant decision to not reveal Darth Vader’s voice. He’s going to be shocked (and possibly terrified) when he sees the films. ;)

  6. This is indeed a deep question you postulate dear Allison… Just what does Mr. Peanut sound like? I think I might be with Barb on this one. He does in fact possess the charms of a southern gentlemen mixed with a smidge of a gay Kevin Spacey… (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Jazz hands and spats… It all makes sense.

    Then again, maybe William Shatner… The possibilities are endless. :) You are an endless well of deep thoughts my friend…


  7. Ha ha! William Shatner…I’m trying to imagine that and its causing a giant grin on my face…would be a bit disturbing though.

    Ah yes, an endless well of random questions. I am a marvel at Trivia Pursuit, too. ;)

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