got no time to take a picture, i’ll remember someday

Moving provinces is like moving countries.

Never in all my moves (and there has been a lot) have I encountered so much trouble and expense, then in this move to British Columbia. Which is scary considering my move home from the UK cost thousands.

A lot of it has to do with my car, but there are other little (and not so little; so long free health care) annoyances that keep cropping up, and well,  I want my Ontario back. Never thought I’d say that.

On the plus side, I did find that dining set that perfectly defines me.

Its plum.

Jury is still out on the flatware.



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7 responses to “got no time to take a picture, i’ll remember someday

  1. f

    Really? More expensive than the UK suitcase debacle? That sucks. Hope things turn around for you soon.

  2. Oh dear, car expenses are never a light touch. But as for health care, surely you have coverage somewhere in the country?

    When we made the move to AB, we were surprised to learn that we had to pay health care premiums and that it took 3 months to get coverage, but we were still able to access ON coverage till things kicked in.

    You need your health care! But thank goodness for your lovely new salary.

  3. Fearless: Yes, amazingly. About five times more expensive. At least no British Airways employees were harmed in this one.

    Things started to turn around last night, thankfully.

    Mel: You’ll have to come over for dinner to see them! :)

    Barb: Actually no, I can’t have a BC drivers license and be drawing on health care in a different province. Since I’ve been out of the province for six months my OHIP is inactive. Thankfully I’ll be using it this week again, but it’ll be void in two weeks when I get my drivers license. I was totally shocked that you have to pay for health care! Not an expense I was budgeting for.

  4. Hi Allison

    Sorry to hear about your wallet getting a big ol’ slap from your move. The whole health care premiums thing threw me for a loop when I first moved to BC as well – growing up in Ontario I assumed that you just had to show up and you would get care.

    Even worse though, was I was on a tight income when I moved and it wasn’t feasible to bring my massive vinyl collection (save a few treasures) across the continent – I still weep at the thought!

  5. It was quite a shock! I stood in the Access Centre gobsmacked saying ‘Seriously’ a lot. ;)

    Oh no! That breaks my heart…I hope someone was able to keep it for you? At least you got to keep the treasures….moving has its perks, but the downside can sting.

  6. amazon really have great collection of dining sets and you can always purchase it online ,.*

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