mini donuts rule all

I’m off to the lower mainland.

Its about a 16 hour drive, so estimated time of arrival is tomorrow morning.

Estimated time of arrival of my furniture, about noon tomorrow.

Its always good to have a fire under ones ass while traveling.

We got to partake in fair activities last night. Which I can only describe to you as rodeo-meets-lumberjack contest-meets ploughing match-meets farmers market-meets fair with rides. I will upload pictures soon. For now, just the one below. Which has been captioned by Ali…

You look like the runner up for Daniel Day Lewis’ role in There Will be Blood



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6 responses to “mini donuts rule all

  1. You know you are going to miss the heck out of the rodeos, admit it. I mean they do give you the opportunity to rock the Brokeback Drainage look. How often will you get to do that in the heady world of community museums?

    Wishing safe travels to you and your furniture.

  2. You find so few women who can really pull off a mustache.

  3. f

    “I drink your milkshake!!”

    Safe travels!

  4. You’re hairier than I remember but still busy!

  5. Barb: More often then you’d think. ;) But yes, I will miss the north, quite a bit I think.

    Thanks, we’re in metro Van now, just waiting on everything.

    Mike: And a purple one at that! :)

    Liz: Thanks, there is a whole series of them…sadly.

    Fearless: One of the best movie quotes!

    Dale: You must just catch me at peak moments. :)

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