i wanna do bad things with you

I’ve just started to watch True Blood.

I know, I’m behind with the rest of the world.

Do you watch the show?

I’ve always had a penchant for the subject matter in literature, and so far so good, the show is living up to its hype.

I find the credit sequence here interesting, this clip includes a clip from the pilot too.



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9 responses to “i wanna do bad things with you

  1. I have heard of the show. I don’t really watch many dramas on tv – more of a science show nerd myself, and animated sitcoms of many ilks.

  2. I had the title of this post as my facebook status a few short days ago. I started watching the show last week and am already caught up, lol. I do enjoy the show – I really like Anna Paquin. I like all of the characters on the show except for Bill. And most of the other vampires as well. And for a show about vampires that’s not great.

    But I do like the show. I don’t like Bill though. I was joking with my sister today about him. Just watch and you’ll see. He’s kind of a douche, and the guy they cast isn’t quite right. Though maybe you’ll disagree with me there.

    “Shookay, You are mine!” — “Oh Bill, I love you” haha. Just watch, you’ll see what I mean. :)

  3. Barb: I do enjoy a good melodrama, but its nice to pepper the landscape with a animated sitcom. :)

    Todd: As soon as I heard it in the opening I thought of your status. I did raise an eyebrow when I first read that, ha!

    Yeah, its totally cheesy….although so far I don’t have a problem with Bill. My problem is with Sam (?) the boss guy…I do not trust him. Silly shapeshifter. ;) I’ll let you know how the rest of my watching goes!

  4. f

    Really?I tried watching it twice and both times the writing made me change the channel within 15 minutes.

  5. The writing is not that great, I will admit. I’m interested to see where they take this series though, I’ve only seen 2 episodes and enjoying the cheese factor. I hope its there on purpose.

  6. You want to do bad things with me? Ok. I’m up for it.

  7. bloody awful poetry

    Dude. I love this show! Yeah the dialogue seriously gets on my nerves sometimes, and I’m not too fond of Sookie either. The credit sequence is one of the coolest I’ve seen in along time. Are you still on season one? It does get quite good, although the final revelation sort of sucked.

    Oh and embrace teh cheese! It helps, all that cheese.

  8. Mike: Ha! ;)

    BAP: Yeah, I’ve only seen four episodes and its really hit and miss…but now I’m invested so I’ll keep watching. :)

    Cheese is good for you.

  9. I started to watch but fell more in love with the theme and opening than the actual show so I bought the song and gave up the show.

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