at war with the sun

I cannot believe that I’ve been here six months. This year seems to be flying by at lightening speed. It was just a year ago this week that I started saying my goodbyes in Newcastle, and was typing away at my dissertation from my leaky flat. If you had told me then I’d be sitting at the keyboard in the middle of Northern BC, I wouldn’t have believed you. Heck, when I applied for this job, I had never even heard of the place. I looked it up on the map after applying.

I remember the night before I started my trip out west talking on the phone with my Gran. She was so happy that I’d found a job in my field, and recounted a story about her own cross country trip when she was younger. Much like everything else in her life, it was down on the spur of the moment. She had a few days off and decided in the middle of the night with friends to drive to Vancouver from Toronto.

Isn’t it strange when someone leaves your life you tend to notice – perhaps more fully – the affect they had on you? If I ever thought I was the original nomad of my family, these past few months through stories and pictures have wiped that idea away. Who knows where I’ll be this time next year. I can only know where things are pointing me, one cannot tell specifics.

And well, that’s exciting.


On a completely unrelated note, there is a “Fall Fair” in town this week. Where prizes are given out for such things as “Best Tomato” and “Best Homemade Pie” and I’m thinking of putting in a potato that I just found in the pantry from this winter, which I believe has the longest sprout on it. I feel there should be a market for best misuse of a vegetable…no?

Had this song in me head all day thanks to Blip…



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2 responses to “at war with the sun

  1. I imagine it was oddly comforting to come to the realization that you and your Gran had even more in common, that wayfaring spirit.

    It will serve you well, and your life will never be mundane. Not as exciting as the world’s longest potato sprout, perhaps, but close.

  2. Its bittersweet, for sure.

    :) I cannot wait to document the Fair. It sounds like a Farmers Market with art and live music. I am intrigued.

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