in a year, a year or so

love this song.



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5 responses to “in a year, a year or so

  1. Something so wonderful about that song Allison. Probably my singular favourite Zach Condon song too. It always makes me daydream a little bit. Maybe its the airy bits and inherent ‘blueness’ that do it to me. This version a wonderful one.

    Thanks for posting it.


  2. Allison

    It is very wrist twirly and daydream like. I especially love the line in my title…hopefully blueness, or something like it. :)

  3. It truly is a wonderful song, and I particularly love how suited it is for ambling through the city (well for a while anyway).

  4. bloody awful poetry

    I adore this song! And Zach can totally stroll through town and look awesome and sing in key and everything at the same time. Talk about multi-talented.

  5. Allison

    Barb: It is great for wandering through. I often have it on my playlist while walking to work.

    BAP: Indeed! His hair has great bounce. :)

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