i saw your face before it changed

I finished a painting, and framed various photos today.

I take an abundant amount of photographs, I do. I however, do not develop them like I used to. Today I made an attempt to change that.

While I was away in the big city I even bought picture frames for the occasion. Now, my walls are lined with beautifully matted frames capturing my life and those in it. It may seem odd that I go to the trouble of printing and framing when I know I am leaving these four walls at the end of the month.

Yet, it is for this reason I felt the need to frame these still images I typically carry in my mind. Somehow, putting them behind glass is my attempt at making sure I don’t forget, but also to remind me that there are parts of the mess I am in right now that are good.

I only wish I had more photographs of my grandmother and I. There are a few, at most. I miss her terribly. Sundays are always the worst, as that’s when we’d typically talk. My parents just returned home from California. Life goes on. The shutter keeps watch.

I guess now our stories will serve for the photographs we didn’t get to take.



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6 responses to “i saw your face before it changed

  1. f

    an “absorbent” amount?

  2. i meant abundant, copious…whatever…

  3. I never seem to take photos. I have so many pictures of people loading up the van and driving away which are the only reminders I have of the weekend they just spent with me.

    And yet, those photos that I have bothered to take and sort out from the chaff and to preserve via a spot on the wall are really important to me, like the Muskoka corner in the bedroom. Those will always send me back to a time and a place I will always want to remember.

    The stories fade or evolve over time.

  4. I do recall you sending me pictures of us loading up the car when visiting. In fact, those pictures you took are among the few I have of The Boy and I. We’ll have to do better next time. :)

    The ones I have framed definitely have a special place for me too.

  5. Wish you’d post your pics/paintings here. I’m terrible with printing and framing things. I can’t make a decision on how to “house” them so they sit on my computer on on the floor or in the attic, lovely photos and paintings.

  6. Allison

    I do post some pictures on Facebook…but not nearly as many as I take. I really should though. I don’t think I’ll be posting paintings anytime soon…maybe someday I’ll summon up the courage.

    You should get on framing, you take brilliant photographs! I drool over most. :)

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