it’s out there, if you want me i’ll be here


We’ve been experiencing some intense heat lightening for the past few nights.

The above picture is from my driveway last night. My favourite kind of sky; right before a massive storm. I love that smell of the air right before it rains. It’s almost up there with the smell of fresh cut grass, or a wood burning fire. Smells like childhood summers spent near Georgian Bay, it does.

However, the rain has yet to come. Perhaps it’ll hit when I leave town tonight. Probably. Its supposed to be even warmer in Prince George, around 40’C (104’F). This is not normal for these parts. They say 5% of British Columbians have air conditioning. I am not one of the 5%.

Here’s to cool places and iced beverages…and to however thought basements were a good idea, cheers to you!

Happy long weekend my friends.



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4 responses to “it’s out there, if you want me i’ll be here

  1. Basements were an excellent idea!

    I love that ozone smell just after it starts to rain, when the sidewalks are still steaming and the parched soil starts to absorb water. It smells like release.

    How very strange, though, that BC is still being held in the grip of that heat wave. Let’s hope it breaks soon.

    (and safe travels tonight, be brilliant tomorrow!)

  2. That’s a great description! Still waiting on the rain here…the whole province could use some. There are something like 500 wildfires at the moment. Scary times.

    Thanks for the wishes…check your inbox. :)

  3. Oh, there’s a pic asked for in the previous comments, thanks, lovely, hope you guys get some good rain soon

  4. Allison

    That was just a random shot, I should post more…I’m just so lazy when it comes to uploading. No rain yet…but hopefully.

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