starsMarc Johns

I worry about you all the time. If a long time passes and we haven’t talked, I wonder if you could have fallen and hurt yourself.

i never think that i could cause one(s) to worry. i am so used to being on the other side. when the above was said to me today my first reaction was to throw back a smart remark, but i didn’t. so i guess this is me, growing up.

this stemmed partially from hearing news that i have go back in for more tests. something came back on the mri that they need to “look further into,” whatever that means.

there are so many other things going on right now, its easy to slip into the melancholy of it all. yet i’m clawing my way up so that doesn’t happen, because there are a few positive things going on as well. yes, a few. plans to look forward to even. one of those is a road trip back across the country in a very short amount of time.

i hope we’ll get to sit in the big muskoka chair this time.

bless this country.



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5 responses to “big

  1. People will worry, but it is hard to wrap your head around being the recipient. Of course you must be concerned with the test results as well, but this is the beginning of the end of your health issues.

    I did not know that Elm Creek, MB has a giant fire hydrant. Besides the bar we used to drink at, that’s pretty much all it has going for it.

  2. Allison

    I hope so.

    I had no idea there were that many giant objects scattered across this country! Its hilarious. I’m going to make it a mission to visit at least half. ;)

  3. Mel

    *is worried for you* I hope the next few weeks fly by. *hug*

  4. Don’t be worried, be excited for Bard on the Beach. :) I hope time flies too!

  5. Hoping your tests come out okay…

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