the smell burns the inside of my nose, yet i steady my hand so the calligraphy pen can do its job.

my fingertips are drenched in black ink, i notice my nail polish is chipping off every finger except for my pinky’s. i make a mental note clean them up tonight. even while thinking that thought i know it won’t happen. its a task i hate more than laundry, and i already planned to do that tonight. two hated tasks in one night, methinks not.

the ink fills in the wood grain and i admire my penmanship and wonder who will look at these next. i line up everything according to size and wait for them to dry.

while i’m holding the bottle of varnish waiting for the ink to dry three people come in to talk. i’m reminded of the quote “there are no stupid questions…”

i start dreaming about the fresh cherries in my fridge and wonder if i can make something with them for dinner. actually, lets just skip dinner and go to dessert. yes, lets. i hear zane lowe on the radio talking about the hottest record in the world. i don’t recognize the band. guess i’m loosing my edge.

someone said to me today, “back to reality, eh?” referring to my return to work.

i smiled politely, but in my head i was thinking, back to reality? i’m so confused. if that wasn’t reality, i don’t know what is.

best/worst thing you heard today?

on a somewhat related note, i’d like to know who came up with the phrase, “it’s raining cats and dogs.”



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5 responses to “nitrocellulose

  1. liz

    great post, ah, one of those days….

    Worst thing I heard today: my best friend’s ex-boyfriend shouting my name from an ice cream shop, as I passed by. To talk or not to talk to him. Loyalties….

  2. Wonderful post, Al. How strange that many people equate work with the only true reality, when it is really just such a tiny fragment of our lives. Maybe not in time spent, but certainly in our engagement.

    The best thing I have heard today is the little boy next door bossing around his little brothers, as he does most mornings. “Bossy kid” we call him.

  3. Liz: Yes, it certainty was. Felt like a Monday.

    Loyalties indeed. Although I don’t think I could have walked past a ice cream shop without going in. Sugar on the mind these days. ;)

    Barb: Its so true. I’m hoping time starts to move a bit faster, this week seems to be dragging for me.

    “Bossy kid” – hahaha! Well, when the name fits. ;)

  4. lovely, best thing I’ve heard all day “no, you’re not wrong”

  5. Ha! That’s always welcome. Best thing I heard today was “You’re awesome.” :)

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