blinking lights on the airplane wings up above the trees…blinking down a morse code signal, especially for me

The following is a true story. Some names and hair colours have been changed.

things the grandchildren should know

Have you read this book?

I read it cover to cover on my travels back to British Columbia and was so completely enamored with it, I will send you a copy if you haven’t. Yeah its that good.

I love when art, in any form, changes you.



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12 responses to “blinking lights on the airplane wings up above the trees…blinking down a morse code signal, especially for me

  1. Mellowlee

    Oooh, new bookie wook! I will have to go find this one :O) XO Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Its a great read, I’ll have to lend you mine if you can’t find it! I wonder if its out in paperback yet…hmmm.

  3. bloody awful poetry

    Oooo..I have heard of the book, but I haven’t actually gone out to look for it. Thanks for reminding me it exists!

  4. I was woefully (and perhaps shamefully) unaware of the existence of this book, but it does sound like it belongs on my bedside pile. I shall keep an eye out for it in good bookstores everywhere.

  5. Allison

    BAP: I think you’d enjoy it, hopefully you’ll be able to find it without too much trouble!

    Barb: Perhaps a copy will make its way to yours. Hey, by the time I’d send it, you’d probably be through your pile of books to read. ;)

  6. Such an amazing read… I am so happy you enjoyed this one so much. Mark Oliver Everett astonished me with this one. I didn’t think he had it in him. I would contend those not even familiar with his music would take away something from this one. I’ve definitely gone back to his back catalog mind you and that too has been very rewarding.

    Definitely one of my favourite books this year!


  7. Allison

    Thank-you so much for passing it along to me! I was so happy that it turned out to surpass my expectations. Yes, I’ve been going into his back catalog too. :) Everything seems a bit richer now knowing the history.

  8. f

    I’ll have to check it out, I really enjoyed that PBS special about his Da’.

  9. no, but i will check it out

  10. Fearless: Have not seen it, hopefully it’ll replay.

    GT: Do, its worth a read. :)

  11. Grrreat….. another book to add to my growing “must read” pile, which is kind of a nice problem to have really!

  12. Allison

    I know the feeling, but yes, you’re right…not that bad of a problem!

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