one more tab and your silk hits the chrome

i think i may have run out of things to say.

actually, i have many things to say, its just that they keep happening so fast i haven’t the time to write them all down…and by the time i do sit at the keys things feel outdated.

in unrelated news, i am currently trying to remove all my piercings. i am going in for a scan this week and apparently its recommended. no way, going through an electromagnetic tube you want me to remove all the metal in me? get out.

someone in my life thinks this would be a good opportunity for me to change my nose ring, and replace it with a stud.

(insert raised eyebrow)

i don’t, and told them as much. i’ve had it for eight years now, and most times forget its there. but it did make me wonder…

has anyone ever suggested you change your appearance?

love this song. watch the full video below…

The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother



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10 responses to “one more tab and your silk hits the chrome

  1. You should leave one of your piercings in, just to see what happens. Okay, perhaps not. I’ve got a plate in my ankle that has been known to set off the alarms at the security gate at the airport. I wonder if my leg would explode in an MRI?

    I like your nose ring. Why on earth would someone suggest you replace it with a stud?

    My hairdresser tried to dye my eyebrows once. ???

  2. I thought for a second I was going to be able to keep one in, as they are just scanning my head, but they said the metal heats up so much it would burn the skin. So less explosion, just some nice burning. ;) I can’t take them out myself though, screwed in too tight. Bah.

    My mom enjoys the stud more. ;)

    I know quite a few people that do that…most times they just end up looking too dark!

  3. What about your piercing eyes and good looks? Huh? will they explode the machine?

  4. A month ago my nephew told me I had hair like Santa… I still don’t know if that was a good thing or not.

    I haven’t worn red since.


  5. bloody awful poetry

    oOO piercings. I need more of those! Well I tried wearing contacts for a few months but the ritual of sticking a pice of silicone or whatever contacts are made of in my eyeball every day sort of wore out my soul after a while.

  6. GT: Ha! I guess we’ll have to see. :)

    Sean: I’ve never given much thought to Santa’s hair…but it can’t be too much of a bad thing. ;)

    BAP: Piercings are easier to remove than tattoos, so I enjoy them. I don’t think I could ever wear contacts for the reasons you posted. :)

  7. f

    I find sometimes that whatever zeal I had for a thought leaves me by the time I go to enbloggerate it.

    I think you should take the opportunity to go piercing free. I know you like them and your nose piercing does look rather ace, but contrary to what many alchemists believed, metal is bad for your body.

  8. Seems to be going around, eh? Its nice to take a break though. I enjoy the word ‘enbloggerate’ ;)

    Well, I have considerably less metal in me than most in their ears, so I will keep my nose ring, but I am considering the stud now. The other is going though.

  9. re the video: Ahh. Violence. The New Sex.

    You know what bothers me about the Dead Weather? When the White Stripes came to Iqaluit, I joined the fanclub to get the first grab at tickets. Now about twice a day I get a new message from Jack White telling me about whatever the Dead Weather has done recently. I mean, I appreciate them and all, but an email about an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel is just a tiny step up from V1@GR@ emails.

  10. Ah, mailing lists. That’s why I never join them. I have them on my Facebook, so I see updates in my feeds and that’s enough. :)

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