mountain dew, dr. pepper, cream soda and bubble gum

its funny how i was out in 45’C heat for a week, and i didn’t get burnt one tiny bit, and i’m out 10 minutes in the sun here and i look like a cherry tomato.

i will emerge again once the sun has gone down. perhaps i need to invest in new shades, or a hat.

my parents house feels so huge, and the dog so incredibly small. i must be getting used to skeena.

its Bayfest in sarnia for the next few weekends. “rock” this week and “country” next. the city will be packed, and the bridge ridiculous.

i don’t think i have to tell you how delighted i am not to be here on the weekends. headed east i am.

one thing i do enjoy about visiting home again is the simplicity. bridge fries, slushies, patios and art in the park.

what’s your favourite summer dessert?

hope your weeks are going well.


p.s. i went to a green day concert on the weekend. billie joe is pocket size. they put on a hell of a show. played for 2.5 hours. the teenage girl in me was very happy.



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4 responses to “mountain dew, dr. pepper, cream soda and bubble gum

  1. Stone Temple Pilots and Counting Crows? Bayfest is going pretty old school, I see.

    Sorry to hear about the crispy skin. Perhaps they have more sun-filtering pollution in California?

    You cannot beat a great big slice of watermelon for a summer dessert, although a DQ blizzard comes pretty close.

  2. Completely. KISS is opening.

    There is a definite haze over the valley, so this is a possibility. I’ve bought new sunscreen so hopefully the crispiness fades.

    I had fresh berries for dessert tonight, but I’ve been craving watermelon since you mentioned it in your post last week! I must pick some up. Such the playful dessert. I have mastered spitting the seeds directly at the target now. ;)

  3. Sun burns do not rock but Green Day does

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