maple shortbread

i’m not quite sure where to start, or what to say anymore.

for the first time in a long time i am kinda sorta speechless. well, perhaps that is not the best phrasing.

i am tired. from the situation(s) and i don’t know how to formulate coherent thoughts.

i will say that yesterday and this evening, were the first time in weeks i forgot about everything and enjoyed myself.

i love my friends. i miss them so while i am away, and in times like these it is nice to be around people where you are not required to be ‘on’ with, you know?

so, how have you been? what did i miss in the world last week?



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7 responses to “maple shortbread

  1. You didn’t miss a thing, except of course the earth-shattering news that I picked up my folk fest volunteer shirt.

    Now that you are all caught up on world news, get some rest, recharge for a while. We are just glad to have you home again.

  2. What zombie said, hahahaha, she has a way of bringing all down to earth, doesn’t she?

    Hope you are ok, I think I’m sort of in the same place as you, even though I’m not sure where you are exactly

  3. Barb: That is exciting news. ;) I look forward to hearing about folk fest tales!

    I am glad too. I just got home a few hours ago, feels like the longest trip, but I am glad to be home for 12 days.

    GT: That she does. :)

    Trying to take each day as it comes, I’m really glad to be home. Although I feel like the house has gotten bigger, and the dog smaller? Its weird, I must be shrinking, or be used to uber tiny flats. ;)

  4. bloody awful poetry

    Nah, you didn’t miss out on much. Some dude named Jackson kicked the bucket last week, but that’s about it really. And it’s lovely to see you back =)

  5. I cannot believe that is still on the news. Wow.

    Thanks. :)

  6. Look at me, commenting over two weeks after the original post. It’s true, it’s really great when you’ve got people that you can just be with, without having to put on a front or pretend to be something you’re not – whether that be confident or scared, happy or sad, interesting or interested. :P

    It was great seeing you when you passed through the city – it’s always a guaranteed nice time when you come around. :)

  7. Allison

    Ha. No worries, I haven’t been around here too much anyway…although now that I’m back at work, I am. ;)

    Always good to see you, hopefully I’ll be home in the fall so we can get to spend more time walking with tea and layers. :)

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