Gifted Typist’s post, Happy, er, Canada Day? pretty much sums up how I feel about July 1st.

I think I say this every year…so much potential, don’t mess it up.




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6 responses to “fireworks

  1. yeah, we are good at not knowing how or why to celebrate. It’s what makes us lovable.

  2. Allison

    this is true. although it usual involves bbq and alcohol. at home there is also an ethnic food festival, which i do enjoy.

  3. liz

    a couple friends wished me HAPPY CANADA DAY since they know how I feel about the country and all of its superb indie music.

    & Happy Canada Day to you!

  4. Allison thnx for link, I’m not a killjoy but I do like to observe and there are such funny things all around.
    Sometimes it isn’t authorized to say what you see, and that’s what makes it fun.

  5. I am feeling the patriotic love – Canada is (generally speaking) a sane and wonderful place – we collectively forget sometimes how good we have it here.

  6. Allison

    Liz: Our country does have a wealth of artistic talent, something to be very proud of!

    GT: And neither I am. Its an interesting tradition, being in the US this week has been surreal too.

    WW: I know. Having dealt with the US medical system a lot this week, I am very happy to get back home. :)

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