love you

we miss you.

a lot.


My dad said after coming out of the visitation yesterday, that he had the best of both worlds…two mothers.



Dancing in the living room, 1977.


“The family and David’s mustache” is what the back of this photo says.

freeloveg,s,d &i.jpg

I have no recollection of this photo, but I found it last night, and its my new favourite. My dad says that face I’m doing is the same one she’d do in photos when she was young. Although I have to say Shaun’s expression is the best. Apparently we made that shirt I’m wearing together and it reads…

Hugs – 5 cents

Kisses – 10 cents

Love – No Charge, Let’s Trade!


I can’t say why I love this one, but I do.




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10 responses to “love you

  1. Those are wonderful photos, Al! I am really struck by the dancing in the living room one in particular. She was quite the high-stepper.

    Although I am wondering what on earth your dad is wearing on his head in that photo with you kids? Looks like a square frisbee.

    When going through someone’s cherished possessions, as well as the mundane bits they left behind and would no doubt be embarrassed that someone is viewing them, it is always the photos that demand to be carefully and lovingly poured over. Such a lifetime of memories in those little bits of shiny paper, such a tribute to a person’s life.
    These are beautiful.

  2. Mel

    I’m so sorry to hear about your Gran Al *biggest hug in the world* I will see you soon to give you a real one! XO

  3. Sorry for your loss, Allison.

  4. Barb: That one is my favourite of them too. She was such a dancer, in many different capacities.

    I think its a golf hat…it just looks really flat, and yes, a bit like a Frisbee now that I look at it.

    I’m really glad we have the photos, and thankfully there are many wonderful albums.

    Mel: Thank-you. Look forward to seeing you as well. :)

    Whitenoise: Thank-you.

  5. Sorry to hear Al. She seemed like quite the lady! Those are such beautiful pictures… and I’m sure she would like you to treasure all those good times.

  6. Allison

    she was a firecracker, its hard to believe she’s gone. i’m glad we have those photos.

  7. I went through this twice in the past 2 years, but even now I won’t pretend to know what you’re going through. Everyone’s relationships are unique, and I hope you are able to dwell on what made yours and hers special. Take care.

  8. Dear Allison,

    I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I really hope you can draw strength from your family at this time and enjoy the fondest memories of your Grandmoother.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures too. I find it remarkable how older family pictures contain so much personality and even life within. They have such a certain magic about them; the pictures of your Grsn and family certainly no exception.

    My thoughts are with you Allison- and your family at this time.

    Take care,

  9. bloody awful poetry

    I’m so sorry for your loss, do take care, and I hope your family comes out of this OK too. And I’m also quite a fan of the last picture. It seems to be saying a lot of things (no clue what, though), if that makes sense.

  10. Thank-you everyone for your kind words. Its been rough, but its good to be with family now, that’s making things easier to deal with.

    Old photos do contain a certain mystery, I think because they tend to be more candid. I treasure the ones I have now.

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